How to Improve Your Employees’ Critical Skills

By Fallon Consultants
On March 4th, 2015

Hands of businesspeople having business meetingU.S. employers are finally hiring again as unemployment rates return to near-normal levels. But a dark cloud dims the sunny employment outlook: the dire shortage of basic skills in the U.S. workforce.

In its paper, “Closing America’s Skills Gap,” Business Roundtable reports three main factors contributing to the skills shortage:

  • Job candidates lack basic math and literacy skills.
  • Qualified candidates with STEM skills are in short supply.
  • Workers lack some basic skills and many specialized skills for highly available industrial positions, such as advanced welders or energy services technicians — which Business Roundtable calls a “skills mismatch.”

These mismatches may occur because HR departments screen out candidates who lack traditional qualifications (e.g., education, workforce experience); workers don’t have competency-based credentials; or local training programs aren’t producing workers with the correct skill sets to match the available jobs in their area.

How businesses can address the skills shortage
To meet their need for competent workers and fill available positions, individual businesses must find ways to solve the skills mismatch problem. In some cases, this may mean that businesses and local educational institutions work together to improve job candidates’ core skills as well.

One option available to businesses is providing employees with on-the-job skills training. But to be effective, such training must be easy for employees to use and access. That’s the intent of Just in Team™ — an in-house educational resource for individuals, groups, and work teams within businesses.

Modeled after Siemens’ apprenticeship program, Just in Team consists of a vast array of skill and performance support guides that employers can provide their workforce. These guides are a self-education resource that workers can use to gain the skills they need on a “just-in-time” basis.

The Just in Team guides are organized into three groups:

  • General workforce education (core skills)
  • Data analysis and math skills
  • Critical thinking/problem solving

Instead of the typical “just-in-case” approach, which is to provide extensive standard training, each Just in Team guide consists of granular, self-paced training materials, designed to give workers the information they need — when they need it — to be able to perform a particular job task.

Just in Team gives you a convenient and cost-effective way to improve your workers’ essential skills — in an easily accessible format that’s compatible with how they work.

Just in Team is available now exclusively through Fallon Consultants. Learn more about how Just in Team can help close the skills gap in your workforce by visiting our website or contacting us today by email or at 845-624-3504.


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