Do these business trends seem familiar to you?

  • products and services having an ever decreasing ‘shelf life’,
  • rapidly shifting business strategies outstrip our ability to change
  • playing ‘catch-up’ because competition is continually ‘leapfrogging’
  • shrinking resources limit the skills development for gaining market advantages 
  • keeping pace with the customer using processes that have many ‘holes’ in them.
  • meeting stronger customer, shareholder and employee demands with fewer resources.

Do these business issues seem familiar to you?

  • “Business is moving so fast that we can’t seem to straighten out our back-office problems”
  • “Everyone in the organization is working with a ‘full plate’.”
  • “Our customers call us every day with the same problems, but we haven’t ‘gotten our arms around’ the issues yet.  We certainly can’t stop our operations until we get a handle.”
  • “Our employees seem to face the same problems day in and day out, and we haven’t developed a way of ‘corralling’ the problems, much less solving them”
  • “Things change so rapidly, and we don’t track orders very effectively, so everything seems to fall through the cracks.  Things is so rushed, people just don’t have the time!”
  • “Our order fulfillment system takes too long, and costs us far too much before we can even bill the customer.  We just don’t have the time to sit down and figure out a better way.”
  • “We are making so many changes to our systems, but haven’t had time to document what is and isn’t working. If we don’t do this soon, we will lose the ability to change them.”

Do these barriers seem familiar to you?

  • Managers are hard pressed to find enough time to develop the skills people need, especially the skills they only need occasionally, so things keep getting put off.
  • Some teams aren’t making the progress needed to move ahead, but everyone is too busy to train them on what to do next.
  • Some of our groups seem to be going in opposite directions in resolving business issues.
Signet Associates LLC has developed an integrated suite of job performance guides called Just-in-Team™ that can put right-sized skills and information at the fingertips of your entire organization when and where they need them.

What is JUST-IN-TEAM ? 

Just-in-TeamTM is a suite of job performance guides.  The job guides providejust-in-time performance support for every phase of business process improvement, from group and individual competencies, to the use of advanced statistical tools. Just-in-Team™ contains hundreds of easy to follow templates, models, diagrams, examples, schematics and maps, all ‘granulized’ for just-in-time learning. These bite-sized ‘skill and information nuggets’ accelerate learning.  With a wide array of information available at the fingertips of the organization, your organization can move more decisively in the directions needed by today’s demanding markets.  

  • DESIGN INTENT: Just-in-Team™ performance support is designed to cover a wide range of individual styles, from the individuals who prefer a big picture-‘birds eye’ view to those preferring a highly detailed maps and guidelines.  The suite of job performance guides is divided in three integrated categories; Group and Interpersonal Competency, Business Strategy, and Process Tools.  Each category is linked with other job guides through a common set of business priorities that can be customized to your individual organization.
  • Each set of performance support include:  
    • Background information to provide reference and integration.
    • Several detail levels of bite-sized steps for ‘just in time’ use.
    • Performance checklists using organization-specific examples.
    • Decision criterion linked to company-specific strategies.
    • Samples, examples and templates to speed application.
    APPLICATIONS:Just-in-Team™ job performance support is currently being used to improve business processes, reduce cycle time, improve customer satisfaction, reduce inventory costs, eliminate rework, improve cash flow, and get new products to market sooner.  As an example,
    • A global insurance company successfully transferred their financial structure off shore using the suite of Just-in-TeamTM job guides
    • A national wireless company improved business results by dramatically reducing the cycle time for Order Fulfillment from 2.3 days to 2 ½ hours using the Just-in-Team™ job guides.
    • A global manufacturer provides Just-in-Team™ job guides to new hire employees
    • Raleigh, North Carolina incorporated the suite of Just-in-Team™ skills into their education programs to provide a well prepared labor pool resource in their ‘School to Work’ efforts.

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