7 Ways to Guard Your Business Finances Against Cybercrime

Cybercriminals are out to steal your money — and to do that, they’ve put a bead on your company’s sensitive data. But too many companies are not doing all they could to safeguard the data that will give cyberthieves access to their financial systems and accounts. You might assume your bank bears some responsibility for […]

How to Improve Your Employees’ Critical Skills

U.S. employers are finally hiring again as unemployment rates return to near-normal levels. But a dark cloud dims the sunny employment outlook: the dire shortage of basic skills in the U.S. workforce. In its paper, “Closing America’s Skills Gap,” Business Roundtable reports three main factors contributing to the skills shortage: Job candidates lack basic math […]

How Good Is Your CRM’s Data?

An application is only as good as the data entered in it — “garbage in, garbage out,” as the saying goes. In the case of today’s CRMs, such as Salesforce or Oracle CRM, the quality of data you’re getting out of these systems may be a good deal less than perfect. For all CRMs’ usefulness, […]

The Threat from Within: Protect Your Business from Internal Fraud

Although hacker-perpetrated cybercrime often makes headlines, small to midsized businesses (SMBs) face a less visible, but just as serious, threat: internal fraud. This type of fraud involves the theft of money, physical property, or information perpetrated by an insider, such as an employee. In its 2012 Report to the Nations, the Association of Certified Fraud […]

Do Your Cloud Apps Play Nicely with Others?

Chances are your business is doing at least part of its computing in the cloud. The vast majority of businesses — almost 90% — use some type of cloud computing. Businesses love the benefits offered by the cloud: fewer IT hassles, improved security and availability, and lower IT costs. However, they’re less than thrilled with cloud […]

4 Business Strategy Snafus — and How to Avoid Them

Strategy is a fundamental tool for navigating your business. Like a compass, strategy guides business leadership in making long-term decisions about the type of products or services the business offers, whom you offer those products/services to, what your value proposition is, and what differentiates your business from competitors. But sometimes strategy doesn’t work as well […]

What Does Your Company Need to Make Big Data Work?

Many businesses have heard the alluring call of big data. With its promises of revenue increases, in-depth customer insights, and highly accurate predictive capabilities, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this incredible resource? But many companies still lack the proper knowledge and resources necessary to bridge the gap between big data’s potential and the […]

Are You Doing Enough to Mitigate Data-Breach Risks?

As enterprise data breaches become an almost everyday occurrence, data protection has become a top-of-mind concern for business owners and executives. But are company leaders doing as much as they should to protect their critical business data? Is your business vulnerable? Most companies recognize they need an effective data protection strategy. But fewer businesses are […]

How Will You Grow Your Business?

Having a vision for your company is important, but that alone doesn’t guarantee success. Long-term business success requires that the business must grow — and for that, a growth strategy is essential. Some entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to start their businesses with a winning idea that takes the market by storm; other businesses offer a […]

5 Ways to Make Salesforce Work Better for Your Company

You’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money into your Salesforce CRM system. But your salespeople use it mainly as a glorified business card file — or worse, they avoid using it altogether. CRM experts — typically consultants and CIOs — report seeing recurring themes when they help organizations implement and use Salesforce optimally. […]

Boost Performance by Boosting Employee Engagement

How is your organization performing? You know the answer to this question because of metrics and measurable goals. But behind all those numbers are the efforts of individual employees whose work enables your business to attain those goals. Research shows that your employees’ level of engagement can affect your organization’s performance in a number of […]

When Should You Consider Hiring a Consultant?

Despite your best efforts, your SAP implementation is running behind schedule. Or maybe you’re having trouble getting your Salesforce CRM system running smoothly and need some expert assistance. Could it be time to call in outside help from a qualified consultant or systems integrator? There are a lot of reasons why your project might benefit […]

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