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Office No. 02, Windsor,

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It all begins with you submitting your project details & requirements to us. We then make a roadmap & plan to bring the project to life. Once we have our final discussion, we commence with the project.


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We design your product and prepare wireframes for the same. We also present to you first a low-fidelity & then a high-fidelity prototype.


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Testing is the key to making the product usable for the end users. So we do usability testing, gather feedback & make the required modifications to the product.


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Only when we have the right design, a positive usability report & the correct adjustments made do we proceed with development. Here we make your product fully functional with our solid development process.


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Finally, the time comes to launch the project to the world. We help you do that as well. And don’t worry, we stay with you even after the launch for troubleshooting any bug (if one appears) & make further product updates as per the changing technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Projects Do You Take?

We take all types of product development projects, from building a B2C mobile application to an enterprise-level web application. We accept projects based on the scope of work & how much value we will be able to deliver you.

What's Your Pricing Structure?

We don’t have a standardized pricing structure, as we understand that every project is different. So after the initial discussion – based on the scope of work, required resources & scale of the project, we will let you know the pricing. And don’t worry; we do our best to fit it into your budget.

Do You Design The Project From Scratch?

Absolutely. Besides our super-skilled developers, we also have a talented design team. If all you have is just an idea about the project, our design team will help come up with the prototype before the project goes ahead for development.

How Big Is Your Team?

Currently, we have a core team of 15 people. But based on work requirements, we continue hiring teams on-shore & off-shore.

How long Do You Take To Deliver The Project?

It highly differs from project to project. We may do some projects in a few days while others may need months to bring to shape. So once we understand the scope of work, make a roadmap, and plan to execute it, we generally give you a rough estimation. And if things go as planned, we never miss the deadlines. So rest assured, we will deliver your project in a timely fashion!

Do You Accept An Old Shelved Project?

We are happy to review your legacy project, and if it seems we can continue the work from where it ended, that’s our priority. But if things get too complex, in this case, we recommend scrapping the old project & begin fresh.